Shot Heard Around The World emerged from South Shore Massachusetts in 2005. During this same time, the flourishing local scene helped local area bands such as A Loss For Words, The Receiving End Of Sirens, and A Rocket To The Moon develop into national level artists. In these early years, Shot Heard Around The World honed their songwriting and live performance - playing music that was going against the grain of the local music scene. SHATW’s energetic and unpredictable stage presence quickly gave the band a reputation for an unforgettable live show.

After the release of How Empty We’ve Become, an EP that said “further[ed] their reputation as a mainstay of the hard rock scene,” the band spent much of 2010 and 2011 on the road playing to as many people as they could. From the Canal Club in Richmond, VA to basement shows in Lowell, MA to a shitty punk rock dive bar in Nashville, TN to the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA- no show was too big, too small, or too far for the band to turn down. It was this devotion that lead the band to booking their first national tour, spanning from Massachusetts to California in support of the release of How Empty We’ve Become. In between tours, the band was regionally supporting tour packages for national acts such as We Came As Romans, Four Year Strong, The Acacia Strain, and Our Last Night.

After two years of tow trucks and post-show emergency room trips, it was time for the band to begin thinking about a new record. From the first songs the band recorded in 2006 to their last release (How Empty We’ve Become) the band had recorded solely with producer Jay Maas. Jay and Getaway Studios were responsible for releases from hardcore mainstays, such as Title Fight, Defeater, Vanna, and more. The band decided it was important to make a change in order to fully develop the new beginning they wanted to have with their first full length record. For the new record, the band chose to work with producer Dean Baltulonis. With the years of knowledge Dean gained while working with legendary bands such as Brand New, Bouncing Souls, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, This Is Hell, Hope Conspiracy, and more, Dean was able to give SHATW the raw and authentic sound the band was looking for.

SHATW lived and breathed the new record for weeks at Dean’s new studio, The Wild Arctic, in New Hampshire. The band tracked and slept at the studio for the better part of 2 weeks in 2012. In the middle of their recording session, the band was invited to play the New Hampshire date of the Touche Amore and Defeater tour. Being able to test out their new songs in a live setting mid-recording session spawned new ideas that the band brought back to the studio. After weeks of fine-tuning and emailing mixes back and forth, it was time to complete the record. They then hired engineer David Gardner of Magneto Mastering in Minneapolis, MN to master and put the finishing touches on the new album. David’s work with The Unsane, Dillinger Four, The Holdsteady, and Rocket From The Crypt helped solidify SHATW’s goal of mixing the attitude and ethics of the punk and hardcore bands on the early 2000’s with a more modern take on melodic and post-hardcore both sonically and stylistically.

All That You Are is the closest the band has come to encapsulate the high energy live show that they have become known for. Taking from the eclectic influences ranging from Alexisonfire to Deftones, Botch to Black Flag, with the integrity to stay as true to themselves as possible - the band was able to separate themselves from the recycled cookie-cutter bands that are being forgotten about as quickly as they are made. This is the record that everyone has been waiting for the band to make.

The Making of: All That You Are (Part 1/4) The Making of: All That You Are (Part 2/4) The Making of: All That You Are (Part 3/4) The Making Of: All That You Are (Part 4/4)
"Massachusetts’ Shot Heard Around the World has been unleashing its rhythmic, aggressive style on fans across the nation. With a solid fan base in the New England area, the group released their third EP, How Empty We’ve Become, in 2010, furthering their reputation as a mainstay of the hard rock scene."

"All That You Are definitely has that post-hardcore sound and it makes me happy that there are bands still succeeding in this sound instead of being a generic rise-core band. "

"I loved the abrasvie vocals on all tracks... The music itself shows alot of promise and was the highlight for me. If you dig melodic,post hardcore then you will probably find something you like on How Empty We've Become."

"The band’s openness to expanding their sound by recruiting others more apt at post-hardcore suggests a willingness to work towards a deeper and more notable sound. How Empty We’re Become is certainly a solid start, and fans of technical hardcore should definitely take note – but I have a strong feeling the best is yet to come."

"...Their new album is the closest the band has come to encapsulate the high energy live show that they have become known for."
-Nothing But Hope & Passion (

"Shot Heard Around the World in vein of the hardcore genre, however, they add their own personal touch to the music by making it incredibly fast-paced and even chaotic, only to be contrasted by ambient and experimental portions that create a mellow atmosphere."

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